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You will get two important things when working with SRA:

  1. Our members know where a wide range of services can be found with a number of different providers, and we can help match the right services to your needs.

  2. Simply put, we’re great listeners. By listening to you and your needs, we are able to offer resources, information, and options to solve the problem you are facing.

the team


Interested in joining The Senior Resource Alliance of the Triangle?  


The group is made up of professionals from around the Triangle who are well known and respected in the senior community.

Please email us with the requested information below and a representative from our membership committee will contact you regarding the membership process.  This process includes an interview with the membership committee and an approval vote from all current members.


Please include:

Name, Company Name, Email Address, Website Address, a brief description of your services, and any questions or comments.


We will be in touch soon.

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